In your bondage you’ll be completely at my mercy. I will decide what happens next.

As an expert Seductress, I enjoy watching you struggle in your binds and get pleasure from seeing how vulnerable you are. There will be no way to move or escape. It will allow you to be released from the constraints of everyday life.

Give up your agency and enter a world where I am your only focus. Let me choose what is best for you.

From light and playful tie and tease to full leather bondage.

You cannot contain yourself, but I will.


Right between your legs, that’s the soft spot isn’t it? And it’s so much fun to play with it. That’s when my sadistic side really takes over, when it comes to CBT.

I particularly enjoy making you stand with your hands bound above your head, while your legs are spread with a spreader bar. It leaves you nice and vulnerable for Me. 

Another one of My favourite CBT activities is post orgasm torture, if you want to come, then go ahead, but you need to be prepared to take the pain that comes after, I might decide to keep the milking machine switched on even when it starts to feel very very painful.


Corporal Punishment

I am a very sadistic woman and will never run out of creative ways to punish or inflict pleasurable pain upon you. Corporal Punishment is one of my specialities.I am precise and know my tools very well. Limits and your preferences will be fully discussed prior to your session.

Most of all, I am a sensual sadist. I like to keep you on your toes. One moment you’ll feel the painful lash of a whip. The next moment the gentle stroke of a caress. You’ll never know what comes next and will get lost in the sensations as you drift deeper into your submission.

I am compassionate and understand the weight of what you’re giving to me. I don’t take your submission lightly. Your trust in me means everything. I will not break it and I will keep you safe.


I’m a fetishist, a lover of aesthetics and fetishes. I enjoy looking for glamorous outfits, leather wear, fur, latex and most of all high heels. I really get into leather teasing or a latex dress up session, where I always invite subs to shine my latex before we begin the session. 

Other fetishes of Mine include: smoking, nylon, feet, PVC, velvet, velour, and boots. 

I like to combine fetish sessions with tease and denial. Incorporating some bondage into the smoking sessions is always good fun. 

I particularly enjoy having My feet pampered, or having a sub lick various things from between My toes. I have a real desire to have My feet worshipped. Beginning with My shoe, then My nylons, and finally My bare feet. 

What’s your fetish?


Step into your fantasy through Roleplay together with me.

Each roleplay is unique for each individual. I will arrange the room, my outfit and the scenario so that your fantasy will become real. By embodying your fantasy you will find that you’ll learn more about yourself and discover a new closeness.

The more honest and open you are in our pre-session discussions the more fulfilling our time together will be.

Sensual / Sexual

I offer sexual sessions at My discretion, this means that you may offer a note of interest in a particular experience, but it is My choice on the day if I decide to act upon your request. 

I am a very sexual/ sensual person so I very much enjoy incorporating this into a session. You are here for My pleasure and amusement.

What this may look like:

  • Face sitting / oral – for my pleasure.
  • Human dildo- a dildo gag for me to ride, or I may use you as my personal sex toy. 

Note that sexual contact will always be protected, and that if we are doing ass/pussy worship it will be without a dental dam. If you have any questions about health and risk, this will be discussed prior to the session.

Slave Training

What will it take for you to learn the correct way to behave? You need to learn how to serve Me. You require Slave Training.

A good slave will know their manners, how to carry themselves, how to respond to commands and to hold themselves with grace and dignity. 

I am not interested in messy, dirty, foul mouthed or cowardly submissives. Those under My care will learn the correct way to hold themselves. I am prepared to educate you. Are you ready to learn? 

I am strict but fair. You will want to push yourself to Impress Me. For the rewards are worth the struggle, and My approval is pending. 

I will ask you to be clean, well dressed, eloquently spoken, well behaved and to let yourself go so you can be shaped and moulded into the perfect slave. 

Strap on

I love to indulge in playing with a strapon. It’s a wonderful part of a power exchange, as you bend over, you know who’s in charge. When your hole is filled, and you feel the pleasure rising, that’s when you give your orgasm to me. Let’s explore the pleasure of feeling your Mistress thrust inside of you, while you open yourself up to me. We will go at your pace, and choose the dildos together, so we are getting the right fit. For these sessions, it’s important to prepare, and be honest with yourself as to what sizes of insertable you would be most comfortable with.

Tie & Tease

I love to seduce, especially when you are in bondage. I want to see you squirm and beg for just a little bit more. While you are restrained you will anticipate My touch, and My presence. I will take My time with you, to enjoy every moment that you are at My mercy. Aroused and begging for Me. I may decide to  maybe use a toy on your genitals, or sit on your face as I play with you. But then again, I could just blindfold you as I get undressed, and you won’t be able to see anything. You will only come upon my permission, and I may decide not to give you that privilege. Let’s find out how much I can tease you.