Carnal Productions

Carnal productions is a queer female centric independent film house owned by Roxy Nova.

Over the years she has gained international acclaim with the film ‘Domina’s Ball Games’, which has been shown in Vienna and Berlin Porn Film Festival. 

Roxy is not only a performer but also a film maker, editor and producer, she is always welcoming  commissions, custom film requests and collaborations. 

Clips can be purchased from Clips For Sale.

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Instagram: @Carnal_Productions

X : @Carnalfilms


Starring Mila and Domina Roxy Nova

Starring Violet Haze, Mila and Domina Roxy Nova.

Starring laura Ropes, Mistress Inka and Domina Roxy Nova


Starring: Mila, Bella, Domina Roxy Nova, Mistress Scarlet

Starring Domina Roxy Nova, Laura Ropes

Starring: Violet Haze, Mila, Domina Roxy Nova

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