Roxy Nova: Bespoke, Sensual & Sadistic Scottish Dominatrix

My approach

I think there is so much to explore in life and I love to push the limits of experience; to really create something completely unique where the world fades away and leaves nothing but a sense of presence and heightened awareness. With me and my approach, you’ll find that we can achieve this together, as I ensure you feel comfortable and at ease with me. It is very important to me that you feel safe around me. 

I do not shout, yet I do not hesitate. My dominance is a part of me, and I do not need to assert that through brute force. You are with Me because you have chosen to be, and that is enough to begin to assert a power exchange. 

BDSM is a huge part of My lifestyle, My art as well as My career. Therefore you will find that I am completely Myself during our session. Our time together is about our experience in the moment. It is my duty to take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing and you will not have to think about this. All that matters is that we’re together and are having fun.